Healthcare Provider

EHR & HIE Implementations

We help healthcare providers to identify and implement modern healthcare information systems such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR) that are best suited to their line of patient care. EMR/ EHR help reduce healthcare costs and ensure safety of patient information and streamline coordination process to improve overall services.

Following are Health Information System that we offer:

  • Practice management system (PMS)
  • Laboratory information system (LIS)
  • Radiology information system (RIS)
  • Pharmacy information system (PIS)

Our comprehensive implementation services include:

  • Implementation and support of client chosen HIS systems
  • Training and support on adoption and usability of the new HIS systems during the pre-implementation, implementation, and post-implementation phases
  • Integration of revenue cycle solutions and practice management with EMR/EHR
  • Certified implementation specialists to coordinate with HIS vendors and manage the entire implementation process from the project kick-off to post-live support
  • Manage the implementation projects in terms of documentation, revenue forecasting & milestone maintenance

Phases of our implementation process:

Evaluate & Planning: Anjalee performs a thorough requirement analysis and determines the details of clinical workflows.

Design & Planning:Our team outlines the scope of the project, details the rollout which is reviewed periodically to keep the project on time and within budget.

Execution: The team builds and tests the system, validates it with the end-user, and conducts a "train the trainer" session or full end-user training depending on client preference.

Go-live & Support: During this phase, we provide onsite and remote support 24X7 through our dedicated technical Help Desk for workflow optimization and system customization. We also recommend for any necessary adjustments and improvements to improve the overall process and rollouts.