IT Services

Big Data

In the current business scenario, huge data sets are created from various sources which are beyond the capacity of the commonly used software tools. Today's challenge in Big Data include rapid change which demands a flexible solution; retrieval of information in a fast and secure manner; and clarity of ambiguous business requirements with increasing volume of data.

Anjalee’s decades of experience mainly in Healthcare segment offers real time, useful analytics and information that is helpful in decision making.

Our services include:

  • Service optimization and structuring the data with security and privacy.

    Accurate information management solutions to increase efficiency of the system.

    Analysis of huge datasets in terabytes for R&D to help clients gain value beyond its original purposes.

Big Data Services methods are:

  • Analysis –Anjalee performs exhaustive Technical & Requirement analysis,  Data Storage Identification, and brain storming sessions to decide on system components.

    Design – Anjalee’s designing model is based on Agile Methodologies with Extract Transform Load (ETL) design.

    Implement & Integrate – Anjalee implements Big Data and integrating current systems in the client environment. We continuously support after the implementation process to ensure system stability and smooth transition.