Healthcare Provider

BI & Analytics

Our comprehensive Business Intelligence and Analytics services help healthcare organizations to stream line their processes that revolve around huge chunks of healthcare data. Everyday there is huge amount of data that is created from different sources in healthcare systems, i.e EHR, EMR and LIS software etc.

Anjalee's domain experience in BI and Analytics on healthcare big data help organizations with informed decision making.

  • We help clients adapt automated process through our big data content platforms and services
  • Cost optimization with new e-health services
  • We empower our clients to gain better insight by streamlining their processes with our efficient analytics

Today's challenges involved with Big Data:

  • Rapid changing of data sets that are in terabytes, demanding a more flexible solution
  • Faster and secure retrieval of information
  • Ambiguous and complex business requirements
  • Ever increasing volume of data sets that are created from various health information systems

Our services include:

  • Structuring of enterprise data and information for optimization of the processes by adopting the security and privacy measures
  • Health Information management solutions
  • Analysis of big datasets for R&D and help clients gain value beyond its regular needs

Our approach towards BI and Analytics:

  • Analysis - We fully analyze the technical requirements, identification of data storage and conduct brain storming sessions with all the stake holders to decide on system requirements and components
  • Design - We adopt Extract Transformation Load ( ETL) design model based on Agile Methodologies
  • Implementation & Integration - While implementing our BI and Analytic solutions, we also integrate other health information systems that exist in the clients environment. We provide continuous support after the implementation and ensure smooth transition